Lesson One: Taylor & Destiny


Taylor and Destiny both have a heart for God and are excited about working together on the big upcoming women’s event at the church. They love Jesus and are hardworking women who are creative and always do their best whenever they have a chance to serve.

But this can be a recipe for disaster if they ignore Principle 13:35, as we will see.

Destiny has a forceful personality. Taylor is somewhat of a people pleaser. They both love to serve and are excited about this chance to bless the women of the church and the community. They think that this women’s event can be a great opportunity to witness to those who don’t know Christ and deepen the faith of those who do.

The reality, however, is that the witness of the church will be compromised if either Taylor or Destiny fail to keep Principle 13:35. This principle must govern all preparations for church events and also the interactions of each person on the planning team, including Taylor and Destiny. Keeping interactions healthy sometimes is more challenging than the myriad of details to be considered in the planning and hosting of any ministry event.

Going into the planning meetings with their team, Taylor and Destiny share the vision for what they’re trying to accomplish. Their hearts are united. And they’re happy not only about the event but also about the chance to work with each other on this project.

All this, however, is about to be tested.

In the next lesson, you’ll see how things often go sideways between Christians. But for now, finish this lesson by working through the discussion questions and watching the video summary.

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The Power of Personality

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The Big Idea

Serving Jesus is great but not at the expense of your relationships with your fellow believers. Principle 13:35 must not only guide what we do but also how we work together.